Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Family Pictures

When we went home for Kirstin's wedding we were lucky enough to have Tyson's brother Josh take some family pictures for us. It was a beautiful fall day and the pictures turned out perfect. Thanks again Josh!

These are just a few of my favorite:

Luke at four months

When we went home in August/September my sister Carina took some pictures of Luke for me. I think they turned out great and Luke was mostly pleasant during the photo shoot. These are my favorites.

The Summer in Pictures

This summer has been a little crazy for us. Luke was born in May. We traveled home the end of June to visit family and stayed through the first week of July. I went home the end of August/beginning of September with just the boys while Tyson stayed home to studying for the first half of the Dental Board Exams, which he passed by the way! Wahoo!!! Then we both ended up driving home the first week of October for Tyson's sister's wedding. It was a little busy but it was so great to spend as much time with family as we did. 

So this is just a bunch of pictures from this summer. It's kind of a bunch of them but trust me there was plenty to choose from, these are just my favorites. 

Luke just a few weeks old 

Hank being silly after a bath

 Hank made me french toast, yes he did flip them by himself  

Hank ready for church

Luke ready for Church 

Grandma Merrill and Hank in the baby loaf at Tillamook Cheese Factory 

Barbara and the boys during her visit to Portland after Luke was born 

Grandma and the boys during her visit 

 My sweet little family

My two handsome boys on Father's Day

My three favorite boys on Father's Day 

Hank helping daddy with his big catch 

I laid Luke down in Hank's bed while I was putting clothes away and Hank covered him with his blanket and then laid down himself with a blanket. Super cute!! 

 Hank always wants to lay next to Luke and insists on holding his hand

One of the first smiles caught on camera 

Whenever we go to Grandma Merrill's Hank get these rings (the ones from the stackable ring game) and puts them on his feet then walks around. Don't ask me why.

A big cheesy grin from Hank 

Some uncertainty from Luke 

 Tyson teaching Hank the secrets of crabbing, "Don't touch the pinchers" 

 Luke's first hair cut

Hank falls asleep in the funniest positions. 

 This was about 2 minutes after I woke him up from aboves position

Luke has been a very patient baby and just allows Hank do to whatever. 

The final product 

 A very happy baby

The new boat, Tyson was very excited 

Hank playing on daddy's boat 

Hank had to make sure that Luke got to play in the tent with him 

Getting ready for his first solid foods. 

The first bite 

"I want some more" 

Just relaxing in the rocking chair 

 Hank buckled himself in and couldn't get out

Fell asleep during dinner, poor kid was exhausted