Friday, February 25, 2011

Hank Is 10 months old

My little baby is 10 months old today. I can't believe how fast the few months have gone. It seems like just yesterday I was trying to help him sit up on his own and now all he wants me to do is help him walk around the house. This kid has so much energy, I can barely keep up with him. He is constantly moving from one thing to another leaving a wake of distraction behind him. He's getting more and more brave at how he gets around the house. I don't think I have to much longer before I have a walker on my hands. He has such a cute personality and is always super happy. He loves his daddy very much. If Tyson hasn't left for school before Hank wakes up, Hank will follow him around the house crying until Tyson picks him up. The second Tyson picks him up he is just fine and stops crying. Then when the time comes that Tyson has to leave he passes Hank to me and says goodbye. Hank then has a totally break down. It takes me at least a half hour, if not longer, to calm him down. I'm so glad that he loves his daddy but seriously it breaks my heart that he doesn't want me. I guess it's understandable since he sees me all day everyday.

Hank loves this rug. There are many times during the day that I find Hank just sitting there. Every once in awhile he'll even be laying down. It makes me think of a little puppy curled up on the rug.

A couple days ago Hank found this fly-tying book of Tyson's on the floor. He slowly opened it and very delicately turned the pages. It was really cute. I told Tyson about it and he said, "Well it IS in his blood." Ha ha! Hank is destined to be a fisherman.

I tried post the video of this but I couldn't get it to work. Hank climbed up on to the couch then crawled over to the shopping cart and climbed in. He sat like this for like 20-30 minutes. He lean over and grab a block and play with it for a little bit then lean over and put it back and grab a new one. It was really funny. When he was done he crawled back over the arm of the couch.

I was putting away some of Hank's laundry and when I turned around I found this. He was very carefully pulling out one wipe at a time. He got like 25 wipes out by the time I got the camera and took a picture. He thought it was so much fun. He sneaks back to his room at least once a day to try it out again.
I love this kid and his energy. His little personality it great. I love being a mom and getting to spend my days with Hank. My life couldn't be better.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hank's first trip to the Zoo

Tyson just finished a very long week of hard midterm tests and wanted a day to relax so this morning he went fishing with some friends, then this afternoon he took me and Hank to the zoo. It was a little colder then we thought it was going to be and it was pretty close to closing time. Most of the animals were in for the day but we still had tons of fun. We bought a year pass so we'll be able to go all year.

Tyson and Hank standing outside the fish habitat.

Hank and I with the elephants. This one saw us standing there and slowing walked over, raised his trunk and then walked away. It was really cute, like he was coming over to say hi.

After the elephant walked away.

Outside the lion habitat. It must have been to cold for the lions because we didn't see any but we had to take a picture on the cool statues.

This picture is for Grandma Merrill and Aunt Makell. They are always calling Hank "chunky monkey" so we had to take a picture with the only monkey still outside.
It was so much fun watching Tyson take Hank from one place to another explaining what things were and what sound they made. Hank had a blast doing his two favorite things: playing with Daddy and being outside.

Brendie's Birthday

So this last week was a very busy, very stressful week for Tyson, which in turn made it a very lonely week for Hank and I. When Tyson has a busy week at school we don't see much of him. It was midterm week for Tyson which meant he had a test everyday this last week and he has one this coming Tuesday. This normally wouldn't be a huge deal worth blogging about but this last week was both Valentine's Day and my birthday. We knew that we wouldn't be able to celebrate either on the actual day. Last Saturday Tyson surprised me by letting me sleep in and watching Hank until I woke up. He also cleaned the kitchen and the front room. On top of that he decorated and baked a cake. It was a great surprise!

The decorations

Hank helping me blow out the many candles on my cake...25!

Hank loved the streamers. He played with them for a long time.

I had to throw them away when he started to eat them.

My visiting teacher/apartment manager and her girls baked me some cupcakes for my birthday. They were really yummy.
I didn't get any pictures of it but I was also surprised by my friends here in Portland. They all came over to my house on my birthday to surprise me. They brought yummy treats and then we went shopping. It was great fun. Thanks again you girls for the wonderful birthday surprise. It made me feel very loved!

Pictures of Hank

These are just a few pictures of Hank the last few days. I know that our blog is a Hank overload but I mean seriously he's super cute.

Fishing anyone

Hank found one of Daddy's fishing poles and thought that it was very fun to play with. Tyson got pretty excited and started planning fishing trips for the future.

I was in the kitchen cleaning the other day and turned the corner and found this. I seriously have no idea how he got in the box. Your guess is as good as mine.

Hank loves the outdoors but since it's so cold outside we have to do the next best thing. We sit on his bed and stare out the window. He usually stands up like this and knocks on the window. It's almost like he knocking and saying, "help let me out..."


I know I've talked about how Hank likes to play in the dishwasher but I took this pictures the other day and had to share. He is a crazy boy and I have to do the dishes when he's asleep or this happens.

Monday, February 7, 2011

First Hair Cut

Last night Tyson asked me to cut his hair and we thought as long as the stuff was out we might as well trim Hanks mohawk.

Here is the before.

The first cut.

The after shot.

This morning I thought that I needed to trim to the rest. Like the mullet in the back and the hair that was growing over the ears. Let's just say it didn't go as smoothly as I had planned.

You can see here the uneven lengths. I finally got it fixed but it took awhile.

There was a little blood shed. Luckily it wasn't Hank that got cut, but unfortunately I really cut my finger. It was a pretty good cut and bleed for about an hour and a half. Hank was really wiggly and moved just as I was about to cut and his head hit my hand and then I cut my knuckle. Makell I needed you to come out and cut his hair for me, maybe then I wouldn't have cut my finger. Maybe the next hair cut will go better.

9 months old

My little baby is growing up so fast. He's already 9 months old...okay so he's more like 9 1/2 months old now because I'm slow on posting. His stats from his 9 month appointment are: Head circumference 46 cm 70%, weight 21 lbs 55% and length 30 in 90%.

Hank is such a cute kid. I love him more and more everyday. It's really amazing all the things he thinks of to do. He thinks he's just as big as everyone else. He gets excited over everything, it's so cute.

He loves his little Toy Story couch. He sits on it all the time.
If he doesn't sit on it he lays down. It seriously it so cute.

Hank is such a climber. He climbs on everything. I blame this one on his dad. If there is anything for him to climb on to or in to he does it.

He can even climb up and something and then transfer to something else. Here he was first standing on the first aid kit then he wanted to get to the other side of the DVD case so he side stepped it to the chair.

Hank is constantly discovering new things. Tyson left this orange on the couch one morning and Hank found it. He thoroughly examined it. Picked at it, smelt it, licked it and then carried it around for awhile. When Tyson got home that night he peeled it and let Hank taste it. Instead of eating it he just squeezed the piece of orange as hard he could. Juice went everywhere and Hank laughed pretty hard.

This is how Hank helps with the laundry. He loves when I do laundry. He'll climb up on the piles and toss the clothes around....very helpful.

This is Hanks frustrated look. (Mom, this is the look I was telling about) He does this whenever I'm not doing what he wants me to do. It's pretty funny. He arms start shaking and he starts to squeal.

This is what my bathroom looks like every morning after I got ready. It's the only think that keeps him entertained long enough for me to get ready.

Hank and Daddy watching the Super Bowl.

Hank eating leftover pizza. He was so happy. He ate an entire slice.

We seriously love this kid. We can't believe how fast time has gone. In just a couple short months we'll be planning his first birthday. He is learning and growing every day. He says momma, dadda and lots more. He now waves hello and knocks on doors and basically everything. He still loves cells phones and cords and things he's not suppose to play with. We are so blessed to have him in our lives and are so glad that we get to have him forever.