Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ranch Dressing anyone?

Hank had chicken nuggets and fries today for lunch. We usually just give them to him plain but he saw me using ranch dressing and wanted to try it. He was hooked after his first bite. He actually ended up at one point trying to drink it from the container. There is no turning back now, Hank is a ranch lover for life!

Tyson's White Coat Ceremony

Tyson had his White Coat Ceremony on July 15th. The white coat is suppose to symbolize entering into the clinical part of dental school. Tyson said, "That doesn't make sense I still can't work on patients." Haha that made me laugh. The second years are only able to do cleanings and x-rays. Sorry the indoor pictures came out blurry, not sure why.

Getting the white coat put on.

Tyson with his "Bridge Group" leader

Tyson with the Dean of the dental school. (There has only been 8 deans since the school opened in the 1890's) The Dean even complimented Tyson on his tie because it was lavender, the color of Dentistry.

Hank and Tyson after the ceremony

Me and my two wonderful boys.

Tyson and I.

I am so proud of Tyson and all of his hard work in dental school, he is going to be a great dentist someday. Only three more years to go.

Misc pics of Hank

Just a few random pics of Hank that I love but have no other post to be apart of.

The other day Hank found this little teddy bear and packed him all over. I thought it was super cute the way he just snuggled and loved that little bear.



One morning after breakfast the phone rang. During the few short minutes I was on the phone Hank managed to climb onto the table and dump the syrup EVERYWHERE.

Look how mischevous he is.

This doesn't look half as bad as it was. There was syrup on everything.

Hank loves corn on the cob and does a pretty good job at getting most of the corn off.

Hank found this shirt of mine on the floor and tried to put it on. He was struggling so I helped him out a little. Then he walked around the house with it on for about 15 minutes. (Can we say future blackmail material)

I went to get Hank out of the crib the other day and this is want I found. I guess he got to hot and needed to cool down.

June at a glance.

Hank and I had the chance to visit Idaho for about 4 weeks (basically the whole month of June). It was great. We got to spend some really good time with our families. Tyson joined us after he was done with school and he was there for almost 2 weeks. When I got home I took a look at the pictures taken during the vacation and there was over 300 pictures. I was a little overwhelmed when it came to blogging them, hence the month's time that has gone by. I decided to do just one big overview of pictures and a few captions, so here goes.

Hank LOVED having a big backyard to play in whenever he wanted.

Hank just relaxing in his Cars chair while the rest of us played wiffle ball.

Hank really clung to Jason while Tyson was gone. They became best friends fast.

Hank and Sarah had so much fun together. They were inseparable from the moment they both woke up.

Hank thought that the coolest place to sit was Teko's bed.

And what's a visit to Grandma's house without Mickey and Minnie?

Hank couldn't visit Grandma's house without leaving his mark. Makell's bathroom got the most of it.

Hank loved having a puppy to play with and Teko thought it was fun too, for the most part.

There were many "tub times" at Grandma's with lots of bubbles.

One morning we heard Sarah grunting in the other room and this is what we found. She had put herself in the car seat but couldn't get out.

The girls really enjoyed this slip and slide. Sarah just liked to drink out of it.

Ryan preferred the little pool and water guns.

Hank even got to enjoy the slip and slide with the help of his Aunt Carina.

Hank opened the drawer under the stove and climbed in. Daisy and Sarah thought it would be fun to join in.

Tyson joined Josh and his kids for a mini fishing trip at their neighbors house. Sarah is getting a little help from Lindsay.

Jill caught a big one!

Roy removing the hook

Hank dumping water out onto the bricks at Grandma's house. He's not use to a cup that he could spill the water out of. He thought it was great fun.

Grandma made the mistake of giving Hank a ride in the wheel-barrow. She ended up pushing him around for a very long time, but he had the time of his life.

4th of July

We were able to be home in Idaho with family for the 4th of July. It was great day full of family, friends, and fun. We went to the parade in the morning. Afterward we went to Josh and Lindsay's house for a very yummy BBQ and some fun in the pool. Then we went to my mom's house for another yummy BBQ and some fun games of water balloon volleyball and some fireworks. It was a very busy day but totally worth it. For some reason I only got pics at the parade though.

Hank dancing with Jill

Hank loved the Ray's Chevron dancers. He danced right along with them.

Hank totally loved the parade.

Ryan kept giving Hank the cutest little hugs.

Hank started to get sleepy and just wanted to sit down next to me.

Tautphaus Zoo

While Hank and I were visiting Idaho we were able to join all of my sisters and mom at the zoo. It was a very warm, sunny day and the kids had tons of fun.

Hank ready the day at the zoo.

The classic pictures on the lion statue.







After the Zoo we went to the little Fun Park next door and had a picnic then let the kids ride a few rides.

Emily was sitting on the bench and was "zoning out" a little while holding her watermelon. Hank walked right over and took a bite out of her watermelon. The girls thought it was pretty funny so then they went about feeding Hank watermelon.

Makell wanted to take Hank on the Ferris wheel and Ryan was the only one that would join her. They had a great time. Ryan thought he was pretty cool because he was so tall.

Chelsey and Daisy riding the airplanes.

Sarah and Emily riding the airplanes.

Ryan riding by himself because Hank wasn't big enough.

Chelsey helping Hank ride the train.

Sarah, Carina, Hank and I on the merry-go-round.

Amy, Ryan and Mom