Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hank is Crawling!

Hank started crawling last Saturday. We were talking to my mom and Makell on Skype and I was trying to get him to show off his army crawl but he started to crawl on his hands and knees. We were all totally surprised. Over the last few days he's gotten braver and started to follow me throughout the house. I guess it's time for me to baby proof the house since Hank is 100% moblie now.

I can't get the video to upload but I'll keep trying and post it as soon as I can!

Friday, November 5, 2010

3:00 am wake up

I woke up at 3:00 am to Hank talking to himself through the baby monitor. I went into his room and this is what I found. He was totally content just playing. I didn't catch it with the camera but he was desperately trying to get the cords for the monitor through the bars of the crib. It took me a while to get him back to sleep because he was up and ready for the day.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Tonight was our ward Truck or Treat party. It was lots of fun to see all of the great costumes. They even handed out prizes for the best costumes.

Sorry the picture is really bad. We had to use our old camera because we couldn't get the timer to work on our new one. If you can't tell Tyson is Jim Bob the Animal Control man and I'm a kitty and Hank is a puppy that Tyson, I mean Jim Bob, has rescued.

Another blurry picture...Sorry

That's right! Our little baby boy/puppy got third place in the child's category. We are so proud of him. There was even another little boy with the exact same costume on but Hank wore it better!

I had to add this one too because his tongue is out like a puppy and I thought it was cute.

Six months

I can't believe it but our little boy is six months old. Yesterday at the doctors he weighed 18lb 2oz - 80% and is 27 1/2 in long - 75%. He is growing up so fast. He starting sitting on his own at five months but now he is doing so much better at not tipping over. He's not crawling yet but he is always getting up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. I know it's only a matter of time until he's crawling around. Even though he's not "crawling" he will get where he wants with a series of rolls and twists. He sure is a mover. He loves his daddy very much and always has a huge grin on his face when Tyson gets home. Hanks likes to sit by the window and watch for Tyson to pull up. I haven't taken six month pictures yet but they will be taken soon. These are a few recent pics of our little Hank.

When Hank and I went home for a week Susan put Hank in the toy closet. He was so excited. There were toys everywhere and he didn't know which one to play with first.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

For FHE tonight we were invited to our friends, Steve and Liz Puffer, to carve pumpkins. We had so much fun. Steve is a 4th year dental student and carpools with Tyson. They are also the managers of our apartment complex. They have three little girls that are full of energy.

Tyson carving his pumpkin.

Steve and his two oldest daughters, Xilone and Miki.

Xilone and Miki carving their pumpkins.

This is how Hank spent the night.

Miki and Xilone with their finished pumpkins.

These are our pumpkins. Hank worked so hard on his pumpkin. It turned out so well.

Hank loved his pumpkin.

Happy little boy!

More of Hank

Sorry but our blog has really become just a Hank-fest but he's the cutest one in the family so why not right.

Hank is doing so good at sitting up all by himself.

Hank watching one of his favorite shows, Tarzan.

Hank helping me with the dishes. He got mad that his walker stopped him from reaching the dishes so I gave him a paper cup and he was in heaven.

Blast from the past. Hank in one of Tyson's baby outfits. Totally 80's but still cute.

Hank watching football with his daddy. It starts out young...

Hank loves this lizard. He held it in his mouth like this for about 10 minutes. It was really funny. He almost growled while he chewed on it.

Tyson bought some crab pods and a buoy. Hank thought it was the perfect toy.

Strike a pose

Chewy on the rope

Tyson is very good at rocking Hank to sleep. It's almost instant, just a few minutes and Hank is out. He usually ends up in some weird position that doesn't really look that comfortable.

I just had to include this picture because I thought he was so cute.

The other morning I put Hank down on his blanket and walked around the corner into the kitchen. Just a few minutes later Hank was "talking" really loud so I went to see what he was talking about and this is what I found. He thought it was pretty funny.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A gentleman (tourist) was kind enough to take our picture. We were all smiling cause he knew how to count to three.... at least he tried too.

This is the one that cut my thumb.

Brett invited me to go sturgeon fishing. It was a lot of fun. We caught 8 "shakers" which means that they were too small to keep. I had fun though, they fight pretty hard. They have sharp spines down their backs and sides and if you are not careful they will cut your hands. (found that out the hard way).

Josh said I wasn't pulling my weight, I didn't follow.

We got Crabs!!

This is how Josh ruined his pants, shoes, and hat. We did have lots of fun though.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Recent Happenings

Here are a bunch of random pictures of our life the last few weeks. Okay so it's mostly Hank's life but that what most people are interested in anyways.

This is the face we usually get when we pull out the camera. He's not really a fan and tries to figure out what you are pointing at his face.
Whenever Tyson is home there is a lot of father/son bonding which I love. It's so great to see Hank having fun with his dad. Tyson is so much better at getting him to laugh so I just sit back and watch.

Hank loves to "fly" through the air. Actually he just loves to be held in the air. He wraps his feet around your arm and holds on tight, which is good for the crazy rides Tyson gives.

Hank also likes to be tossed in the air. We told ever really let him leave our hands but he loves it.

My two boys just hanging out.

Look at the smile. My boys are very handsome.

Hank is usually in this position, at least until he accidentally rolls over. Then he gets mad.

Look Mom I have toes!

He's favorite again. We can't put him in pants because then he can't bring his legs up. So usually is just in a onesie.

This little kid has been eating so much. He loves his solids and so far hasn't really turned down anything although he does have his favorites: pears and applesauce.

The other day Hank was playing on the floor while I cleaning up alittle and when I came back into his room this is what I found. I thought it was so cute I had to snap a pic.

When I first get up in the morning I prop Hank up in the middle on the bed while I get ready and I looked over and he had laid down and was watching me through the mirror. So cute.

Fish Hatchery

Yesterday Tyson's aunt and uncle, Brett and Jeanette, took us to the Fish Hatchery to see all the salmon. It was pretty cool, I've never been to hatchery before. Now if Tyson was posting he could tell you what the salmon count is but I really have no idea. So all you get from me are pictures.

In front of the fish ladder...the fish have to swim up it.

It's kind of hard to see but there was a ton of fish, and they were huge.

Inside there were windows you could look through and see the fish. Hank loved it.

This sturgeon was playing peek-a-boo with us. He kept sliding back and forth.

It's again hard to see but the sturgeon in the lower right corner of the window.

A couple of the big fish. They were basically the same size as Hank if not bigger.

Hank and Daddy checking out the big fish.

The Sturgeon

This is at the fish hatchery. Once the fish come up stream there is this wall. There is a current coming through the wall so the fish know that there is something on the other side and they really want to get through, so they just sit there and jump into the wall.

Look how big they are!

Tyson in front of the holding tank.

Again hard to see but these fish are swimming up stream to the wall.

Now this is Herman the Sturgeon.
He is about 70 years old, weighs about 450lbs and is about 12 feet long.