Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A day in the life with Hank

My little man is growing up. He's almost nine months old (next Tuesday). He seriously can't hold still for anything. He is always crawling around and standing up next to things. It seems if I tell him no or move him away from something he takes it as an invitation to do that thing over and over and over again while laughing. He likes to play with the space heaters, blinds, computers, TV receiver, fireplace, and the xbox. Anytime I do the dishes or the laundry he's always right in the middle of everything. I can't turn my head for a second without him getting into something. This is what my day consists of and I wouldn't change it for the world. I love this little kid and his personality is showing through more and more each day.

Tyson opened the dishwasher and before he could take anything out Hank was there. Hank couldn't reach anything so he just climbed right in.

Hank really liked these Graham cracker Goldfish and I must have lift them within reach because I left the room for a second and came back to this. He was a very content little boy, all the Goldfish a kid could want.

The other day I made Hank a jam sandwich with Grandma's homemade strawberry jam. He loved it. He ate two whole pieces of bread with jam and still wanted more. I mean just look how happy this kid is!!

Norwegian Christmas

We had a lot of fun at Norwegian Christmas this year. We were able to wait until Jason and Teryn got in so everyone was here. After all the boys got ready we realized that it was the perfect photo op. They are all such cute boys.

I had to throw this picture in because he is such a cute kid. This is Jason and Teryn's youngest boy Kyle. He is just about five weeks older than Hank. I can't wait until they are a little bit older. They are going to be great friends.

Dancing around the tree. While we were waiting for Santa to come the lights went out so we had to grab all the candles. That didn't stop us from having a good time, it just made it more interesting.

Hank and I patiently waiting for our chocolate bar from Santa. And since Hank isn't old enough to eat chocolate I gladly sacrificed and shared his with my family....Thanks Hank!

The kids with Santa. They all got new footie pajamas. They were all so cute.

Hank on Santa's lap...he wasn't really a fan. No offense Santa.

Christmas Morning

Hank was totally spoiled for Christmas. I'm kicking myself because I didn't get a picture of all of Hanks presents but he really got spoiled by everyone.

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve the Gundersens get together for a little evening of music and acting out the Nativity while Grandma or Grandpa reads the Christmas Story from the Bible. This was the first year that I was able to participate in the talent show portion. You see everyone in the Gundersen family plays a string instrument. This includes the sister-in-laws as while. I felt a little left out and so Tyson started to teach me the cello. He even bought me a cello for an early Christmas present. I only had a few lessons but I was able to play a few songs. Next year will be better.

Hank was so cute with this present from Grandma and Grandpa Gundersen. He decided it was best to just stand on worked because the paper ripped

Little Red Car

These pictures are from along time ago. I forgot that we had them. They are from before Thanksgiving but Hank loves this car so much I had to share.