Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday!!! Hank is 1!!!

Since we had a b-day party while my family was here Hank's actual birthday was pretty low-key. Hank opened his present from his dad. Then we had a breakfast of french toast. Tyson had to go to school in the morning but we picked him up for lunch. We were going to have a picnic but the weather was a little bit cold, so we just went out to eat. We then came home and played with dad. It was a great day!

Hank's present from his dad.

"You got me a dump truck!!"

"Thanks dad I love it!"

A Year in a Glance

My little man turned one on Monday. The last year seemed to go by so fast so I decided to have a review of the last year.

Newborn baby Hank. Born Sunday April 25th 2010 at 10:02 pm weighing in at 6lbs 14oz.

Just a couple days old getting ready to go home.

One month pictures taken by Aunt Carina.

Asleep on the couch at 2 months old.

Hank's blessing day at 2 1/2 months old.

Camping at 3 months old.

Happy as can be in Daddy's chair at 4 months old.

Hanging out with daddy at 5 months old.

Happy Halloween! Playing with his carved pumpkin at 6 months old.

Learning to pull himself up and stand at 7 months.

Merry Christmas! Opening presents at 8 months old.

My little climber at 9 months old.

Very mischievous at 10 months old.

Playing at the park at 11 months old.

Walking a long at one year!

Hank's Stats:

Date: Age: Height: Weight:

4/29/2010 4 days 20 in. 61% 6lbs 14oz 18%

5/12/2010 17 days 22in. 87% 8lbs 5oz 34%

6/25/2010 2 months 24in. 80% 12lbs 8oz 71%

9/1/2010 4 months 26in. 95% 16lbs 1oz 90%

10/29/2010 6 months 27.5in 75% 18lbs 2oz 80%

2/1/2011 9 months 29.5in 90% 20lbs 10oz 55%

4/2/2011 1 year 30.5in 77% 23lbs 8oz 55%


Slept though the night: 2 1/2 months

Smiled: May 28, 2010 1 month

Found my hands: 2 1/2 months

Found my feet: 4 months

Laughed out loud: 8/18/2010 3 1/2 months

Clapped my hands: 7 months

Rolled over stomach to back: 7/15/2010 2 1/2 months

Rolled over back to stomach: 8/20/2010 3 1/2 months

Sat up on my own: 5 months

Crawled: 11/16/2010 6 1/2 months

Ate solid food: 8/10/2010

Stood by myself: 2/20/2011 Almost 10 months

Took my first steps: 3/23/2011 Almost 11 months

Danced: 7 months old

First tooth: 1/24/2011


Easter kind of snuck up on us this year. Since we were busy with everything else going on we forgot about the Easter Bunny and Easter Witch (Norwegian). I was feeling really really bad about this and Tyson told me that Hank wouldn't even know what was going on and he wouldn't remember past that day. We did buy him a cute stuffed Lightning McQueen which he LOVES!

In order to try and salvage the traditions of Easter we decided to dye eggs. If you haven't done this with a one year old I highly recommend it. It was a great adventure.

Hank "helping" daddy dye an egg.

Checking out his egg. He was squeezing them so hard I was afraid he was going to break the shell and then we'd have egg smooched all over.

All Hank wanted to do was eat the eggs and drink the dye. He was so mad that we wouldn't let him drink the dye.

Dipping his egg in the yellow dye. He's fingers were a mixture of many different colors by the end of the experience.

Our final product. I realized you can't be very creative when you are dyeing eggs with small children. It's more of a "get in and get out" experience. Just trying to get done before to much damage has happened. It was great fun though and it made me feel a little bit better about Hank's first Easter.

Foothills Park

We had fabulous weather last week so we of course took full advantage. Last Saturday Tyson wasn't super busy with school work so we went to Foothills Park, right on the river. It's really pretty and Tyson can think about fishing spots. Hank had a blast just walking around and eating wood chips (trying to anyway). It was a great Saturday and we are so glad that we got to spend some time with daddy.

Eating wood chips

Walking while eating wood chips. He's very talented.

Taking a break.

Walking with mommy

We saw these ducks and Hank all but jump out of my arms into the river. It was all I could do to keep him on the dock.

Standing on the dock. Hank loved watching all the boat drive past. He's defiantly his father's son and loves being outdoors.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hank's first birthday.

Now I know what you are all thinking, "Hank can't be one already! That went by so fast." Well you're right. He's not one yet, but he will be in 10 days on the 25th. We decided to celebrate a little early since we had family in town. Hank loves the movie Cars so we found this cake mold on line and went with a Cars theme.
The cake Brendie decorated for everyone to eat.

The cake Tyson decorated for Hank to eat.
The decorations.

The presents.

(I know it looks like a lot but it was mostly just new clothes for the summer that he needed anyway. I just thought he'd have fun unwrapping. Turns out that Sarah and Daisy are excellent unwrappers too. Thanks for the help. It would have taken all night if we left it up to Hank.)

The refreshments. If you can't tell, (I don't blame you if you can't) but those donut stacked on top of each other is suppose to be Luigi's Casa Della Tire's the Leaning Tower of Tires. It didn't really turn out how I wanted it.

The drinks. Fillmore's Organic Fuel (raspberry lemonade), Tow Mater's Mouthwatering Motor Oil (chocolate milk) and Flo's V8 Cafe Transmission Fluid (diet Dr Pepper with cherry). I asked Daisy if she was thirsty and she nodded. Then I asked her if she'd like some Mouthwatering Motor Oil and she turn and looked at me with disgusted and simply said, "That's disgusting!" Haha. After we explained she thought it was okay.

Hank getting excited to eat his birthday cake.

A little unsure at first.

But then he really got into it.

There was frosting everywhere. Even after he got wiped down we found frosting in his ear a few hours later. Haha I sure do love this kid!

Unwrapping his present from Mom and Dad. It's a Cars Doddle Pad. He hasn't figured it out quite yet but he loves the little Lightning McQueen that came with it.

I'll do a better, "I can't believe my baby is one" post when he is actually one. But seriously how did time go by so fast.

Children's Museum

My mom, sister and brother-in-law with their two girls came to visit us last week. It was so great to have some visitors from back home. It gets pretty lonely out here with Tyson at school all the time so I really enjoyed having them here. While they were here we took the little kiddos to the Children's Museum and Zoo. We didn't really take any good zoo pics so below are just pictures from the Children's Museum.
Sarah playing in the water. This girl loves the water and had a blast.

Daisy playing with the water gun. Hank dressed up like Grandpa Mont. (Just wait a few years Papa and you'll have a great helper.)
Dr. Daisy helping the poor little puppy feel better.

Hank laughing, probably at something Sarah was doing.

Daisy shopping for some groceries.

This is a little water bed and Sarah loved it. She would stand up on the side and then just fall backwards. No fear at all.

Just landed. I swear she did this at least 20 times in a row.

This is basically the only pic of Hank that he's looking at the camera. Carina was taking pictures and as soon as she pushed the button Hank would look away. He must not have felt very photogenic that day.

Sarah playing the drums

Sarah and Hank driving the bus.

Hank found a little button/hole to put his finger in.

Sarah, with her face paint, and her gator.

Daisy, with her face paint, and her skunk.

Thanks so much for coming for a visit. We really had a wonderful time with you all. It isn't the same without you here. It's too quite without Sarah saying, "Tysis...W'are you? Tysis...W'are you?" We love you guys and can't wait to see you in June.