Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our Frist Anniversary!!!

Tomorrow is our one year anniversary but we celebrated by going up to Mont's Cabin and had a weekend getaway. We leave Friday after we both got off work.
Friday night we started a campfire because Tyson was craving a little outdoor time. I was freezing but soon was so warm from the fire that Tyson created that I thought my eyebrows were burning off.
Saturday morning Mont drove up and took us to his fishing spot for a little early morning fishing trip. He was going to be there about 6:00 which meant we had to be awake at 5:30 to make sure we were ready for him. I was pretty sleepy but also very excited for my first real fishing trip.

This is me reeling in my first fish which was also the first fish of the day. It ended up being the biggest fish off the day too. It was just a over 5lbs. Tyson caught one almost as big but mine was just a few ounces bigger. We caught a total of 11 fish in just over 3 hours. We were only able to keep two a peice though.

Tyson and I freezing on the boat. It actually starting to snow just as we caught our last fish. We hurried off the lake at fast as we could.
Me and the two fish I caught.

This is Tyson with some fish....he didn't really catch all of them though.

This is me with all of the fish we caught.

Both of us with the fish.

Mont weighing the fish to see who's fish really was the biggest. I totally won!!! (ok only by a few ounces but still I won)
Tyson and Mont gutting the fish. It was pretty gross to watch and if you look close you can see Mont throwing the guts. Eww!!!

Tyson the filleting the fish.

Saturday night we went to West Yellowstone. We ate dinner, had an old fashion western picture taken and went to the playmill.

Tyson fell asleep while waiting for me to get ready.

Tyson and I eating at the Gusher, a little pizza place. It was yummy!

This is us outside of the Playmill. We went to a play called See How They Run. It was hilarious. It was all about a ton of misunderstanding and everyone was trying to figure out the truth but it just made it worse. It was so funny. We really enjoyed it. They even sang us a little song for our anniversary.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


The most recent interesting event in our live was my graduation. It's really nice to be done with school and to start a career rather than nights as a server.

This is me and my class walking into the auditorium. The program was really boring and way to long, but we all had to sit through it.

Tyson and I being oh so cute after I walked. He was very supportive throughout my schooling and was always there for me. I'm very grateful to him.

Hello Friends!!

So my brother finally talked me into starting one of these, so that it can be easier for him to know what's going on in my life. Unfortunately, there isn't much in my life that is too exciting.

A quick update: My husband and I have been married for a year on June 9th. It's been a very great year and neither of us can believe that it went by so quickly. Tyson is a Chemistry major at BYU-I and hopes to make it into dental school in the next couple years (I know he'll be able to do it). I just graduated from EITC in Dental Assisting and I am in the middle of my lovely intership working 250 hours for free. It's great fun....the assisting part not the no money part. Since I am not making money Tyson is also working while doing school. He lays flooring with his brother for his parents company.

That's basically our live in a nutshell. It's a little crazy but we enjoy it.