Monday, March 1, 2010

A Quick Update

Things are going very well with me and the baby. He's growing just the way he should and I'm feeling great! I'm at 32 weeks so we've got about 8 weeks left until the little guy is here and we are getting so excited. We can't wait until we get to finally meet him. He moves like crazy all the time and gets the hiccups at least 4 times a day. Tyson and I are having a hard time thinking of a name that we like. Hopefully we think of something before the little guy gets here.

I haven't posted a picture of my baby bump since I was 15 weeks so here I am at 32 weeks. You have to know that Tyson is home right now while I'm posting so I took this picture by myself, sorry it's a little blurry.
Tyson is doing good as well. He'll graduate from BYU-I at the end of this semester and then we are off to dental school at the end of the summer. Tyson was lucky and had four interviews. He interviewed at Nebraska State Dental School, Indiana University of Purdue University Dental School, Marquette University and Creighton University through the IDEP program. At first Tyson was placed on all four waiting lists, this was a little hard to deal with but it pay off in the long run. The beginning of January Tyson got a letter of acceptance from Indiana. We were so excited to get into dental school and to know that we were able to take the next step in our lives. The beginning of February brought us a surprise when Tyson was offered an interview at Oregon Health & Science University. Of course Tyson said yes and drove up for the interview. Before Tyson even got home he had an acceptance email waiting for him.

Now we are lucky to have the chance to choose between a couple schools and decide which school feels best for us. Both schools are great and Tyson would get an amazing education at either school. We haven't made up our minds for sure but we are leaning towards Oregon. Things feel better about Oregon and plus it's only 11 hours away instead of the 26 hour drive to Indiana. We still have a few months until we have to know for sure so we are just taking our time with this decision. It's a life changing decision that we are so excited to make.

I also finally posted Christmas and birthdays if you have any desire to see that far in the past.


Finally posting Christmas....I know like three months late but hey it's here now. For Christmas I bought Tyson one big present but I wanted to make it last longer than just opening one present so I sent him on a little scavenger hunt. It turned out perfect. He had never been on one before.

Opening he first present...a puzzle? He was a little confused and it took him a while to but it together.
Clue #1: This may be a puzzle but don't accept defeat! Look where there is lots of spinning heat!

Clue #2: Mirror Mirror on the wall, where is the fairest clue of all?

Clue #3: Now listen here I did not stutter, Where do we keep the butter?

Clue #4: This clue isn't so dumb. Where are you going to change our baby's bum?

Clue #5: Now I know that this clue rocks. Do you have any clean socks?

Clue #6: Under the bed you will find... Something that will blow your mind.

Surprise! He didn't even have to open it to know what was in this shape of a box. It's a brand new gun. Just what he's always wanted since before we got married. I finally did it right...

Tyson with his new gun and ammo. He was so happy for his brand new gun. Just in time to replace that one he broke not even a week before Christmas. Things worked out perfectly to make this the best Christmas ever.

Tyson spoiled me with some very beautiful pearl necklaces and earrings.

My new coat. I love the red plaid and it's super warm, plus it fits over my growing belly.

The Birthday Post

Here's a quick post of both of our birthdays. I know it's been a few months since Tyson's birthday but at least I'm getting it on here.

Tyson blowing out his candles. He turned the big 25!
Look at all of those candles.

I love this picture. I was just snapping a few pictures while Tyson was opening presents and I happened to get this one just as Zach stabbed Tyson in the throat.

Tyson opening his presents with the help of Jill and Sarah.

Here's the only two pics of my birthday. It was a great day and I'm so thankful for the great family I have to share my b-day with.

Blowing out the candles..24 to be exact.

You can't really see my belly but I'm 30 weeks here.