Friday, August 1, 2008


Tyson and I decided to have the Zoom Whitening done, especially when we found out that we get free dental becuase I work in a dental office. Nice benifits if you ask me. It was $700 worth of dental for free.
Here's just a few pics. Tyson before with his starting shade.

Tyson during the process...3, 15minute cycles. By the third cycle you really want to just cry. It gets pretty hot and your teeth start to ache unless your like Tyson. He was having electric like jolts shocking through his teeth.

Tyson after with his starting shade. He lighten up three shades. Now his teeth almost glow in the dark there are so white!

This is me before with my starting shade.

This is me during the very last of the three cycles. My teeth didn't really start hurting until like the 5 minutes of this cycle. I had to just grin and bare it.

This is me after with the shade I started out as. I lightened up four shades and now Tyson and I are the same shade.

It was a unusual experience for the two of us and I can't say that I would do it again. Tyson and I spent the remainder of the day cringing with little electric jolts and super hypersensitivity. But I as happy with the results


Em & Ev said...

Love the pearly whites! Looks like you two are having fun. Hey Bren! It's Em (used to be Teeples). I'm glad I found your blog - it's fun to see how you are doing. Keep in touch!

Becky said...

Great Teeth!!! Hey it was fun to see you guys a couple weeks ago. It was also quite nice to share a thought with Tyson without any TALKING at all (if you can read my mind). Ha Ha
Here is our blog address

Em & Ev said...

We made our blog private, so email me your email address and I'll send you an invite!

Keep in touch!