Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baby crib and such

My mom gave us our Christmas present a couple months early and it was just what we asked for. We wanted a new crib for our baby and mom found a great deal on a 3 piece set which included a crib, a changing table and a four drawer dresser. She dropped it off last Saturday and we started putting it together. It started out pretty simple with the crib and changing table but then I tried to put the dresser together by myself and I struggled. It was a lot harder then I had hoped but I accomplished it after about 4 hours.

We didn't realize what we were in for until after unloading all of the contents of the box, our whole living room was covered in pieces.

We got the crib done first. Now we just have to find a mattress.
The changing table was pretty easy as well.
Here is the dresser that took me forever.

Here's a couple pictures of my little baby bump. I'm just over 15 weeks here and finally showing.


Mont, Denise & Makell said...

Yay! I'm glad that you got them all put together and found a place to put them! Do you like them okay?

Oh, and by the way, your little baby bump is cute! :)

Kamilla said...

Ha ha, I think that top picture of Tyson is hilarious. Congratulations guys!