Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Waluga Park

Tyson and I found this fun little park about a mile from our house. There is acutally two parks connected with this little dirt path.

Mommy and Hank walking down the path, Hank slept through most of the park trip

This path is full of lots of yummy wild berries

The yummy berries that Tyson picked, they were so good!

Hank and Daddy on the spider web

Daddy helping Hank down the slide

Hank and Daddy on the pirate ship

Hank and mommy on the bouncing frog

Hank and Mommy on the alligator


evan-emily-lincoln said...

Hank is so cute!! What a sweet little guy! I am jealous you get to eat wild blackberries. Yum! You look great, Bren! It's been forever since we've talked - we need to catch up!

Mont, Denise & Makell said...

That looks like a way fun place. I can't with to come visit again so and go there with you.