Sunday, May 29, 2011

Random Pics of Hank

These are just a bunch of random pics of Hank that don't really have enough for a full post but they needed to be shared.

Hank was hanging outside with Daddy and decided he wanted to play in the dirt. If you look closely, he even has a shovel and was "digging" in the dirt.

Hank has this new fascination with necklaces. Anything that even resembles a necklace Hank puts it around his neck. This makes me very nervous because he's not super grand at getting them off and usually gets himself tangled in a mess. Anyway in this pic Hank found some of Tyson's materials for fly-tying (basically like yarn) and decided it was a necklace.

Tyson was cutting up peppers for fajitas one night and Hank was "helping" him by sitting on the counter. While Tyson was cutting the peppers Hank leaned over grabbed a quarter and took a big bite.

He totally loved it!

Hank loves the outside and he loves this little red car. Every time he goes outside he climbs into the car and starts to bounce up and down, which means, "Come on Mom! I'm ready for our walk." I just thought it was really cute that he was siting with his legs crossed in front of him.

Hank loves to wear Daddy's hat and he's just so cute I couldn't resist taking a picture!

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