Sunday, November 2, 2008

Josh tells me that I am now truly trailer trash because the washer and dryer I have are worth more than my "house". I bet the value is actually pretty close and since the washer and dryer are almost 6 months old I would guess that they have depreciated almost enough that our "house" might be worth more. Brendie's great aunt Barbara sold her house and moved to Idaho falls and she asked us if we could use her washer and dryer. We said that would be wonderful cause the old washer leaked and the dryer was melting brendie's stuff. We are so thankful that Barbara decided to let us have the washer and dryer. It was no easy task to move the washer and dryer down the hall way of our tiny little house but Josh was the mastermind behind the move so it all worked out. As you can see the washer and dryer dont really fit the rest of the house(it looks like I stole them from some rich people), in fact they dont really even fit in the space we have but they are hooked up and they work. Thanks again Barbara!


Tami said...

Trent and I were looking at blogs tonight...and when we scrolled down to the pics of your washer and dryer, both of us went, "OH!" at the same time. We're excited for you! When we were first married and lived in a trailer, Trent found an abandoned washer in the Ricks College Livestock Center west of town. We needed one so he got permission to take it away for them... cleaned it up and we used that beauty for years. I can relate to leaks and melting things... so excited that you guys don't have to do that anymore. Glad you're joining us in the ranks of trailer trash! :)

Becky said...

I love the washer and drier. The nice thing is when you do move somewhere else the washer and drier will be able to move with you.