Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So Tyson had the camera with him at school for the last little while and I just got it back. So I have a few random pics to post. They don't really have much to do with each other but Jason wanted a new post so here goes....

So Nov. 8 was my wards Super Saturday and we had a craft day. Mom and Makell came with me and we had a great time. These are the crafts that I did...with lots and lots of help from my mom and Makell. Basically they did the whole snowman for me, that turkey took forever.

This one was the easiest: just paint, sand and stick on the stickers.

Again mom and Makell did the snowman, the turkey was really hard but totally worth it.

These next two pics show what Tyson and I are usually doing on a Sunday afternoon.

Tyson is usually studying really hard. I really am proud of Him. He has a very hard semester but he is doing so well and even when things seem tough and never ending he sticks it out. I love him with all of my heart and really appericiate all of his hard work with school.

This is a common activity for me because Tyson and I usually crave sweets on Sunday. This particular day was the day before Makell's b-day. Makell requested sugar cookies with the number 16 on them. So I baked and decorated all day on Sunday. I ended up with about 5 dozen cookies, half pink with green writing and half green with pink writing. And in explantion of the pop can rolling pin....I don't have a real one. During Barbara's move mom offered to save me her rolling pin but I said "No, I don't really make anything that I would need a rolling pin for." Well Makell's birthday proved me wrong. Needless to say the pop can worked great!

The final product after hours of fun!

This is a very random, awful picture of me at my mom's house during her birthday party. I was playing the piano and Tyson surprised me with the camera.


Teryn said...

Wow, you guys have a really creative relief society. I'll post what we did soon- when/if I ever finnish. We keep it simple- but I'm way jealous of that turkey!!!

P.S. I think I have 3 rolling pins- wedding gifts. Were people trying to make hints? Like I should learn to cook or something crazy like that?

Carina, Chris, and Daisy said...

Cute blog!! I love all your little crafts. I wish I could have come and done some with you...stupid work.

Jason said...

Cute pictures Brendie! I love the popcan rolling pin... who knew you were such a culinary genious?!?

Tami said...

Hi Brendie! Your cookies look delicious. Way to utilize your resources with the pop! Love the painted stuff. That turkey is adorable!