Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby Blankets

I just have to clarify right off the bat before anyone jumps to any conclusions, this is not an announcement. I'm just very proud of these two projects I've completed. I know it's kind of weird to make baby blankets when you aren't expecting but every time I went into Porter's I would look at this really cute blanket and contemplate buying it. After months of looking and wanting I decided to just get it and I'm very glad I did. These turned out so cute!!!

This is the original pattern. Now you can see why I couldn't pass it up.

Just a close up of the adorable flowers!

Once I got the little girl blanket done I thought "Well what if we have a boy first" so this is my little boy version.

I adjusted the pattern by making the flowers into little fish, because if our little boy is anything like Tyson he'll be fishing from day one.

They turned out really cute and I am so proud that they turned out so well.


Em & Ev said...

These are darling blankets, Bren! I love the cute flowers and fish. We need to get together sometime!


Becky said...

The blankets are really cute. I'm very impressed. I assume you used your new sewing machine. How do you like it?

Shelley Bowman said...

These are cute! We sure miss you and Tyson in the nursery!

Spencer and Erin said...

Oh hey there!! I was blog creepin and I found your blog! Love the say its not a baby announcement...hmm for some reason I have a hard time believing that..haha..see ya tomorrow!