Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Tonight was our ward Truck or Treat party. It was lots of fun to see all of the great costumes. They even handed out prizes for the best costumes.

Sorry the picture is really bad. We had to use our old camera because we couldn't get the timer to work on our new one. If you can't tell Tyson is Jim Bob the Animal Control man and I'm a kitty and Hank is a puppy that Tyson, I mean Jim Bob, has rescued.

Another blurry picture...Sorry

That's right! Our little baby boy/puppy got third place in the child's category. We are so proud of him. There was even another little boy with the exact same costume on but Hank wore it better!

I had to add this one too because his tongue is out like a puppy and I thought it was cute.

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Mont, Denise & Makell said...

Your costumes turned out so cute!! You make a pretty cute cat, Brendie. What a fun idea! ;) (I'm glad Tyson/Jim Bob was able to keep both you and Hank under control.)

Congrats, Hank, on getting 3rd prize. That doesn't surprise me, though. Anyone should be able to see that you're the cutest puppy ever. (It's probably the smile!) :)