Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Shower

My mom and sisters threw me a baby shower last Saturday and it was really fun. There were lots of friends and family that stopped by and we had a good time. Thanks for everyone one that came. We played a few games that everyone seemed to enjoy. The ice cubes had little baby frozen inside and as soon as your baby came out of the ice you had to scream, "My water broke!" All I can to that one is that Erin was going to win no matter what. They also cut a piece that was how big they thought my stomach is. Tara was the lucky one to win that one. Some people's guesses were a little off...but it was all a lot of fun.

Just in case people forgot what I was having....

Carina insisted on taking a profile pic of my belly...not a fan but here you go.

Carina made me this cute diaper cake. I love the puppy on top!

I've always loved rubber duckys so mom thought of this clever idea to have them floating in the drink. I even get to keep the ducks for the baby to play with later.

The gifts

My wonderful MOM!

Barbara and Amy

Makell and Daisy

Lindsay, Susan, Grandma Sharon, Barbara and Amy

The Baby Dyne from Susan. I'm so excited for this.
She also gave us a crib size dyne. These are perfect.

Me with the gifts. The baby is already spoiled and he's not even here yet.

Mom had this blanket made for the baby. It's made out of the minky material and has a super cute design quilted into it. It's a baby pattern with bottles, rattles, booties, and such.

The dynes from Susan.

A couple diaper bags.

Some toys and books.

Diapers and bath stuff.

Lots of nice blankets.

Clothes from newborn to 12 month.

Thanks again to all those that came. And a huge thanks to my mom and sisters for putting it all together. It all turned out great! It made me so excited for the little guy to finally get here. We've got just about 4 weeks left to wait and then we'll get to meet our little man.


Tami said...

Can't wait to see your little guy use all that loot! These next couple weeks will just FLY by as you make the final preparations for him. Wish we lived closer so we could have been a part of the fun!

Lindsay said...

Oh, had I known, I would have come! Congratulations.

Brendie and Tyson Gundersen said...

Lindsay I sent your mom and invite and she was suppose to share it will all of you. I wish you could have been there. Hope things are going well.