Friday, April 30, 2010

Hank Tyson Gundersen

I know that most people only want to see pictures but some like to read/hear the whole story, so for their benefit as well as to have this recorded somewhere I'm going to tell the story.

On Saturday the 24th we were at Denise and Mont's house for Mont's birthday party. Mont had been saying that the baby would come on his birthday. By 9:30 pm nothing had really happened but Brendie could feel that her stomach would tighten every once in a while. She was not sure if they were really contractions because they didn't really hurt and she didn't know what to expect because she has never had a baby before. Makell and Brendie started to time the "stomach tightenings" and they were coming about every 8 minutes. This all took place in the bonus room up stairs on the love seat while I beat Hermes repetitively at his X box boxing game. When we decided to leave the birthday party Brendie stood up and noticed that her pants were wet. She wondered if her water had broke but she didn't feel anything and after every one took turns sniffing the fluid on her pants it was deduced that it was urine or some other liquid that someone had spilled on the couch. Brendie claims that she was not struggling with incontinence and the wet spot was in such a place that I had no trouble believing her. Brendie was so excited for the baby to come that she really wished that it had been her water breaking but it wasn't. I was pretty tired and so I was happy that I could go home and sleep in my own bed rather than checking into the hospital and sleeping on the wonderful pull out bed that they have in the hospital. At 2:55 am Brendie felt something that can only be described as a water balloon inside of her popping and she sat up trying to figure out if she should run to the bathroom. That's when she woke me up and she said "Tyson I think that my water just broke". It took me a while to come to my senses and then Brendie said " pretty sure I am going to need a towel or something". I had to ask Brendie where the towels were because I do very little around the house and I lacks the ability to find anything that does not help me to hunt or fish, and most of those items lack any type of organization. It was pretty obvious by the puddle of fluid Brendie was sitting in that her water broke so I tired to call Jason (the OB) to see if we should go to the hospital even though Brendie could not really feel any contractions. Jason is pretty worthless because he didn't answer any of the times that I called him. He claims I should have used his pager number but I have tried that in the past with very little success. To his credit he actually did call back a few hours later claiming that his cell phone was not at the bed side, I don't buy it, I just think he already has the doctor routine figured out.
The good people at the hospital told us that we should come within two hours of the whole water breaking fiasco so Brendie told Me that I should go back to bed and that she would shower and get ready to go. This was after I had managed to get myself dressed and load the hospital bag into the car so I got undressed and back into bed only to have Brendie say well maybe we should just go to the hospital now because they can monitor the baby and make sure everything is okay. That was pretty much the end of my sleep situation. After we got to the hospital the nurse did an ultrasound to see if the baby's head was down because she could not feel it. To make a long story a little shorter they admitted us into the labor and delivery room and started Brendie on oxytocin which made the baby's heart rate do some strange things so they shut it off and then two hours later they turned it back on. The contractions were about two minutes apart and they were pretty regular. By 10 am she was ready for the epidural. Before she got the epidural doctor Evans came in to place a pressure contraction monitor and a fetal heart rate monitor which was pretty unpleasant. She then got the epidural and then she spent the next ten hours waiting. The doctor checked her at 7:45 pm and said that things looked good and that she he was going to let her "slide" for an hour. At 8:45 she was ready to kill some one because she was sick of waiting. The nurse made it in about 9 and she checked Brendie and the baby's head was down and I could see it. It looked like he was a little bald baby. The Doctor eventually moseyed into the room and put on his rubber suit and Brendie started to push. Every time she pushed the baby's heart rate would drop and so the doctor was worried that the umbilical cord was around the baby's neck. Eventually the baby's head did pop out and it looked pretty deformed. The cord was around his neck twice and then it went down under his arm pit and around his arms. I was in shock. I wish I had gotten a picture of it, its like he was bringing it out with him. He was born at 10:02 and he was 6lbs 14ounces. We decided to call him Hank Tyson Gundersen.
We finally got into the mommy baby side of the hospital at about 1 am Monday morning. Brendie was supposed to keep track of when she fed him and changed his diaper. at about 3 am Brendie woke up and asked me to had her cell phone to her because she needed to know what time it was. I reached down and picked up the bottle of lotion that was on the floor and handed it to her, she looked at me like I was a retard but I thought I had done what she asked. She then kindly explained that she needed to know what time it was and that her cell phone had a clock on it. I tried again and this time I was successful in handing her the TV control. At that point I was almost ready to go back to sleep and Brendie started to laugh pretty hard. I eventually got her the cell phone I guess although I have very little recollection of what happened.

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Brendie-He is so beautiful! Congratulations you are going to be such a wonderful mom...I'm so happy and excited for you!