Saturday, March 26, 2011

My little guy is 11 months old

Yesterday Hank turned 11 months old. He's getting so big. He started walking a few days ago. He's still really wobbly and likes to hold someones hand while he walks but he's getting better at walking by himself. He is such a fun little guy and is always smiling. He loves his Daddy and will spend every waking moment with him. His whole face lights up when he hears the front door open and Tyson walk in the door. I can't believe that in just a short month away my little baby will be a year old. Time goes by so fast.

Here's my little guy standing all by himself

He kept crawling inside the box to get the toys, it was really funny.

Happy little guy

This is Hanks favorite spot to sit. If you are ever laying down he'll climb on top of your face and sit down.

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