Friday, February 25, 2011

Hank Is 10 months old

My little baby is 10 months old today. I can't believe how fast the few months have gone. It seems like just yesterday I was trying to help him sit up on his own and now all he wants me to do is help him walk around the house. This kid has so much energy, I can barely keep up with him. He is constantly moving from one thing to another leaving a wake of distraction behind him. He's getting more and more brave at how he gets around the house. I don't think I have to much longer before I have a walker on my hands. He has such a cute personality and is always super happy. He loves his daddy very much. If Tyson hasn't left for school before Hank wakes up, Hank will follow him around the house crying until Tyson picks him up. The second Tyson picks him up he is just fine and stops crying. Then when the time comes that Tyson has to leave he passes Hank to me and says goodbye. Hank then has a totally break down. It takes me at least a half hour, if not longer, to calm him down. I'm so glad that he loves his daddy but seriously it breaks my heart that he doesn't want me. I guess it's understandable since he sees me all day everyday.

Hank loves this rug. There are many times during the day that I find Hank just sitting there. Every once in awhile he'll even be laying down. It makes me think of a little puppy curled up on the rug.

A couple days ago Hank found this fly-tying book of Tyson's on the floor. He slowly opened it and very delicately turned the pages. It was really cute. I told Tyson about it and he said, "Well it IS in his blood." Ha ha! Hank is destined to be a fisherman.

I tried post the video of this but I couldn't get it to work. Hank climbed up on to the couch then crawled over to the shopping cart and climbed in. He sat like this for like 20-30 minutes. He lean over and grab a block and play with it for a little bit then lean over and put it back and grab a new one. It was really funny. When he was done he crawled back over the arm of the couch.

I was putting away some of Hank's laundry and when I turned around I found this. He was very carefully pulling out one wipe at a time. He got like 25 wipes out by the time I got the camera and took a picture. He thought it was so much fun. He sneaks back to his room at least once a day to try it out again.
I love this kid and his energy. His little personality it great. I love being a mom and getting to spend my days with Hank. My life couldn't be better.

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Elise said...

You have the CUTEST son! :)