Saturday, July 30, 2011

Misc pics of Hank

Just a few random pics of Hank that I love but have no other post to be apart of.

The other day Hank found this little teddy bear and packed him all over. I thought it was super cute the way he just snuggled and loved that little bear.



One morning after breakfast the phone rang. During the few short minutes I was on the phone Hank managed to climb onto the table and dump the syrup EVERYWHERE.

Look how mischevous he is.

This doesn't look half as bad as it was. There was syrup on everything.

Hank loves corn on the cob and does a pretty good job at getting most of the corn off.

Hank found this shirt of mine on the floor and tried to put it on. He was struggling so I helped him out a little. Then he walked around the house with it on for about 15 minutes. (Can we say future blackmail material)

I went to get Hank out of the crib the other day and this is want I found. I guess he got to hot and needed to cool down.

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