Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tyson's White Coat Ceremony

Tyson had his White Coat Ceremony on July 15th. The white coat is suppose to symbolize entering into the clinical part of dental school. Tyson said, "That doesn't make sense I still can't work on patients." Haha that made me laugh. The second years are only able to do cleanings and x-rays. Sorry the indoor pictures came out blurry, not sure why.

Getting the white coat put on.

Tyson with his "Bridge Group" leader

Tyson with the Dean of the dental school. (There has only been 8 deans since the school opened in the 1890's) The Dean even complimented Tyson on his tie because it was lavender, the color of Dentistry.

Hank and Tyson after the ceremony

Me and my two wonderful boys.

Tyson and I.

I am so proud of Tyson and all of his hard work in dental school, he is going to be a great dentist someday. Only three more years to go.

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Linda said...

Congratulations to you both. That is so great!