Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Easter kind of snuck up on us this year. Since we were busy with everything else going on we forgot about the Easter Bunny and Easter Witch (Norwegian). I was feeling really really bad about this and Tyson told me that Hank wouldn't even know what was going on and he wouldn't remember past that day. We did buy him a cute stuffed Lightning McQueen which he LOVES!

In order to try and salvage the traditions of Easter we decided to dye eggs. If you haven't done this with a one year old I highly recommend it. It was a great adventure.

Hank "helping" daddy dye an egg.

Checking out his egg. He was squeezing them so hard I was afraid he was going to break the shell and then we'd have egg smooched all over.

All Hank wanted to do was eat the eggs and drink the dye. He was so mad that we wouldn't let him drink the dye.

Dipping his egg in the yellow dye. He's fingers were a mixture of many different colors by the end of the experience.

Our final product. I realized you can't be very creative when you are dyeing eggs with small children. It's more of a "get in and get out" experience. Just trying to get done before to much damage has happened. It was great fun though and it made me feel a little bit better about Hank's first Easter.

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