Friday, April 15, 2011

A day at the Coast

Alright so this post is mostly just a picture overload but I really wanted to document our day at the coast. Tyson had a Spring Break from March 26th to April 3rd. Most of that break was spent moving from our old apartment to the managers apartment and cleaning both apartments. (We started managing the apartments we are living in on March 25th. We are very excited about this, plus we'll save on rent!) All of the craziness ended and we really wanted to do something fun for Spring Break. We got some discount tickets to the Newport Aquarium and decided to drive out to the coast and make a day of it.
Hank and Daddy with the starfish.

These sardines can open there mouths really far and while we were talking about how far their mouths open we looked over and Hank and he was doing this. It was super funny.
Hank and Daddy looking at the sea lions.

There were lot of these art sculptures through out the aquarium. They were all made from stuff that had washed up on the shore. It was crazy looking at the kind of stuff that washes up.

Hank and Daddy with the turtle.

Hank and Mommy with the jelly fish.

Hank and Mommy in a walk-through tank of fish.

Outside the shark tanks.

Hank at the kids play area with a turtle. He liked the turtle's eyes.

Mommy and Hank on a dolphin.

Another "trash" sculpture.

All three of us outside of the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

Hank and Daddy with the Tillamook Cows.

Hank and Daddy driving the Baby Loaf.

Hank thought it was really fun to turn the steering wheel.

Mommy and Hank at Cannon Beach. It was very windy and cold.

Mommy and Hank with a better view of Cannon Beach.

Hank and Daddy at Cannon Beach.

Hank's first time walking barefoot on the beach. He liked the squishy feeling of wet sand in between his toes.

Hank and Mommy outside of the Astoria Column.

Mommy and Hank on top of Astoria Column. It was super windy up there. Hank wasn't a fan and didn't last long. It was a great view but I don't think it was worth packing an extra 20+ pounds up almost 200 stairs just to turn around and walk back down.

A bunch of sea lions chilling on the docks. They were super loud and Hank thought it was hilarious.

Hank and Daddy checking out the sea lions.

This little guy was the loudest.

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