Thursday, May 2, 2013

Combine Mickey Mouse B-day party

Since Hank's birthday and Luke's birthday are only 6 days apart we decided to have one joint party for friends. Luckily thier friends all belong to the same families. We invited everyone to the park for a Mickey Mouse party. It was a blast and are so glad that our friends could come party with us. (sorry for the lack of actually party pictures we left our camera at home and then my phone died so we were relying on Tyson's phone for pictures...)

We had Pluto's doggy water, Pete's punch and Goofy's grape juice for drinks.

There was Minnie's bowtie pasta, hot diggity dog (bacon wrapped smokies),

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sandwiches, and Daisy's garden veggies with Donald's dip (not pictured).

Hank wanted a Toodle's B-day cake.

Some cute Mickey Mouse cupcakes. When you cut them in half there was a Mickey inside. I'm really mad I didn't get a picture because that was really hard work.

Hank blowing out the candles. He loved having his friends sing to him. (We let Luke smash a cake at home on his birthday pictures to come).

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