Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brendie's Birthday

So this last week was a very busy, very stressful week for Tyson, which in turn made it a very lonely week for Hank and I. When Tyson has a busy week at school we don't see much of him. It was midterm week for Tyson which meant he had a test everyday this last week and he has one this coming Tuesday. This normally wouldn't be a huge deal worth blogging about but this last week was both Valentine's Day and my birthday. We knew that we wouldn't be able to celebrate either on the actual day. Last Saturday Tyson surprised me by letting me sleep in and watching Hank until I woke up. He also cleaned the kitchen and the front room. On top of that he decorated and baked a cake. It was a great surprise!

The decorations

Hank helping me blow out the many candles on my cake...25!

Hank loved the streamers. He played with them for a long time.

I had to throw them away when he started to eat them.

My visiting teacher/apartment manager and her girls baked me some cupcakes for my birthday. They were really yummy.
I didn't get any pictures of it but I was also surprised by my friends here in Portland. They all came over to my house on my birthday to surprise me. They brought yummy treats and then we went shopping. It was great fun. Thanks again you girls for the wonderful birthday surprise. It made me feel very loved!


Mont, Denise & Makell said...

You look so skinny in this picture!

Julia Peper said...

Hey! It was good to hear from you! I love your comment on here about him eating the streamers. Steven totally does the same things. I have to make sure there is no paper/tissues/toilet paper at all accessible. Anyway, I hope things are going great for you!