Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hank's first trip to the Zoo

Tyson just finished a very long week of hard midterm tests and wanted a day to relax so this morning he went fishing with some friends, then this afternoon he took me and Hank to the zoo. It was a little colder then we thought it was going to be and it was pretty close to closing time. Most of the animals were in for the day but we still had tons of fun. We bought a year pass so we'll be able to go all year.

Tyson and Hank standing outside the fish habitat.

Hank and I with the elephants. This one saw us standing there and slowing walked over, raised his trunk and then walked away. It was really cute, like he was coming over to say hi.

After the elephant walked away.

Outside the lion habitat. It must have been to cold for the lions because we didn't see any but we had to take a picture on the cool statues.

This picture is for Grandma Merrill and Aunt Makell. They are always calling Hank "chunky monkey" so we had to take a picture with the only monkey still outside.
It was so much fun watching Tyson take Hank from one place to another explaining what things were and what sound they made. Hank had a blast doing his two favorite things: playing with Daddy and being outside.

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Mont, Denise & Makell said...

The zoo looks so fun! I can't wait to go there with you in April!